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Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, LAcIntegrative Holistic Medicine Board Certified Physician located in Kailua, HI

“Dr Christenson's treatments have transformed my life. She helped me obtain more inner peace, joy and optimal health.

Andrea M.12/01/17

“I enjoyed my first visit with Dr. Christenson. We seemed to be in sync and I am hoping that we can work together to eliminate the meds that I'm taking. She asked a lot of questions about my life and seemed to listen well. Thank you.

Leila N.06/20/17

“Dear Dr. Christenson: 1. I felt I have much improvement after you started allergy elimination NAET on me. I know I am not near complete I want you give you some report of the improvement: 1. My stomach pain is mostly gone. I used to have a lot of stomach pain every day and GI doctor gave me Omeprazole which did not improve my pain. They kept tell me to take it. I could not tolerate it and stopped taking it and felt I do not need to go back to him for stomach issue because with NAET treatment and digestive enzyme and Probiotic which were gluten and dairy free I feel t a lot better. Thank you so much. 2. My taste came back about less than one month ago. I started to be able to taste food that I have lost that sensation long time ago. I could taste fish filet I cooked. It was so delicious. I am so happy. I felt I can enjoy eating food from now on. I used to eat just because I have to keep surviving but now I am eating for fun and enjoy my food! What a life changing. Thank you. 3. I used to put salt to every food, including all the fruits (except banana) but after you clear salt allergy I do not feel I need to put salt in every food any more. 4. I always tell my friend you are the best doctor. Thank you for your help.

Alpina B.05/24/17

“Caring and genuine.

Solomon S.04/26/17

“We are former patients from your practice in Maumee, OH. You were treating my husband Jim who had a severe reaction to medications for rheumatoid arthritis. You were treating me with several emotional issues and many allergies. We still think of you and how much you helped us. We are using "tapping" for allergy release techniques you taught us on a regular basis. I hope this finds you well. Forever appreciative of all you did to help us through a very rough time.

Kathie & Jim B.04/05/17

“Thank you so much for helping me to relieve my left ankle pain from a fall more than 3 month ago. I fell down at work accidentally and fractured my left ankle. My life and my work were put "on hold" for all these past few months because of immobility and pain. My right hip and back were sore from overcompensation of walking. I was depressed because I could not work. After my first acupuncture pain went away the first time after so many months of agony. My energy usually fall very low in the afternoon when pain became worse. After acupuncture treatment that afternoon I had so much energy I went shopping with my husband. I felt so happy. This is amazing change. Thank you so much. I look forward to the rest of follow up treatments.

Jennifer A.04/05/17

“I just want to tell you that my 12 years old autistic grandson who has had sleep disturbance for his whole life slept peacefully in the afternoon after his morning treatment with Infinite Love and Light blessing. He was very happy whole day. He slept through the night last night. This is the second he slept through the night after this kind of energy work. Thank you so much. As for me, I also slept very well for 9 hours after yesterday's energy treatment. Thank you.

Maureen S.04/05/17

“After Thursday class, I felt so relived as if a big blockage came out of my chest. I was able to sleep very deep and next the morning I woke up with very refreshing energies I have never felt so good for a long time. I noticed when I take care of my soul I feel good about my life. I know my soul is happy that I take care of it. I am so proud of my boyfriend that he was able to describe about himself in such a profound way in the healing class that I have never know about him in such a deep level. I am so happy about this new relationship with him. Thank you so much for this healing opportunity for me and for my family.

Rachel S.04/05/17

“My body is very sensitive to energy healing. When you did acupressure to me I could actually feel the needle inside of me. I felt the energy in my arms and legs. The energy is still moving towards my lower legs. I especially felt very strong energy in my lower abdomen where my fibroid locate. When you put your hand at my heart chakra my emotional stress about finance and moving gradually went away. I could feel the energy of your harp playing. The vibration energies came soft and strong alternating which felt very healing and just what I need. I feel more grounded and centered after the treatment. I know I am going to be OK. Thank you for this wonderful treatment. I am looking forward to my next appointment.

Susan M.04/05/17

“Dear Dr. Christenson: During the allergy elimination treatment you brought me to a very tranquil state with guided meditation and when you started playing your harp I saw a bright light came to me and shower me which feel really soothing. What a sensation. Thank you.

Evvy C.04/05/17

“Dear Dr. Christenson: Thank you for your diet advice. My entire eating habit has changed since I saw you the first time last week. I am eating a lot of vegetable and my friend and I are doing juicing together. We put Kale, celery, apple, carrots and beets together in juicer and it taste delicious. I have been chanting God’s love when I walk instead of anxious about my life. I notice my family are coming together to support each other this week. This is not what it was before. I am so grateful with this new change. I lived in a battered woman shelter temporarily and I am looking into taking more educational classes to help me find jobs. My daily journaling is mostly my prayer. I pray God to help me to become healthy so I can help my family and my 5 children. I am so grateful that HMSA Quest gave me your name. I have been telling all my friends about you and how you change my life. My next work is to quit cigarettes. I have already cut down from 1 pack per day to half pack per day in one week. I will make it. I know that. You taught me how to calm myself down that is very helpful. Today I felt energy running in my arms and went to my fingers and out when you gave me healing work during meditative relaxation state. That was an awesome feeling.

Aimee P.04/05/17

“Dr. Christenson: Thank you for the healing session. I went to a different consciousness after you gave me guided imagery/relaxation technique and energy healing work. I went to a very tranquil zone and saw rainbow color, like beautiful soft purple, green, yellow, orange color. I felt my bed was moved from side to side, fast initially and then very gentle. I felt warm and tingling energy moving in my left shoulder then moved to my fingers. I also felt energy moved in my left flank and then to lower back. When you called me I woke up from the healing session and felt very refreshed. What a treat. Blessing.

Cynthia R.04/05/17

“Dear Dr. Christenson: When I was in your office last week I had suffered migraine headache for a few days. It was stabbing pain in my head and I was very sensitive to light. I could not work just rest at home. I was very depressed. After the acupuncture treatment my headache went away immediately. It felt unreal when I sat up after the treatment because I felt so relaxed, calm and happy that was not me before. I can’t wait to have my next treatment. I am so grateful.

Corinne A.04/05/17

“Dear Dr. Christenson: My energy has been better and my stamina has improved after your energy treatment. I could do 8 hours of work without feeling exhaust like before. I am so pleased to see this is happening. With hepatitis I could not imaging I could ever return normal but now I am living a normal life. I am very grateful for the treatment you provide.

Karl M.04/05/17

“Dear Dr. Christenson! Thank you for your generosity of spirit! How I wish I had been destined to find you at the beginning of my 'Hawai`i nei' time, rather than at the close of this chapter of my life. Yet, I truly believe that for a higher reason we are all part of each other's life journey and path towards becoming. Meeting and being helped by you has left an indelible positive influence on me. I humbly thank you, Dr. Christenson!

Ann T.04/05/17

“You are the only doctor who is willing to spend time to ask me about my childhood family relationship. I was born in a very unstable family and I had experienced very stressful childhood with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual abuse. No doctor ever ask me about this kind of deep trauma. They are only interested in my physical symptoms which I believe are based on my untreated emotional trauma. I thank you for addressing this issue and am looking forward to work with you to get my health back, not just physical but mental and emotional as well.

John S.04/05/17

“Dear Dr. Christenson: Ever since I left your office two weeks ago, I had a very definite change which sounds strange but good. I feel happier and peaceful inside of me. When I do meditation I felt unusually calm. I closed my eyes and some sensation told me to move my arm and I did move my arms. I felt it was some kind of release. After that I felt my clarity was improved. Every day I felt clearer and more calm. Before that I never felt that way. I still have digestive issues and I am taking probiotics and digestive enzymes under your suggestion. I am internally more connected and centered. Thank you for sharing your experience about other patient also reported that kind of unusual healing effect. I am not alone. Thank you and I am looking forward to my next visit.

Andrea M.04/05/17

“At this time, I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to you, for not only providing me with the very best care; but equally for caring. The best way I can show my appreciation to you at this time is to take all of the tools you have provided me with and heal, in all the ways that I must. Right now I am brought to kind tears as I write this, as your professional compassion and regard touches the innermost of my spirit this very moment as I reflect. Lastly, I now know that my greatest resource is my anger and thank you for bringing me to this awareness. I am consciously working diligently to exploit this resource for my benefit in a balanced, harmonious, and positive manner. I no longer wish to passively allow the gifts of my sensitivities to be manipulated by others. I will keep tapping, breathing, and believing. With the warmest regards again I say genuinely thank you for your advocacy!

Jonathan D.04/05/17

“HI Dr.Christenson: I just love to stay in your office. It looks out to this beautiful valley with fresh air and tranquility. I feel so comfortable to be here. My anxiety is much calm now. Last energetic treatment two weeks ago I had this euphoric feeling for a few days. Thank you. I look forward to our next treatment.

Joseph G.04/05/17

“I spent a year with Dr Christenson working on anxiety, anger and serious depression. She amazed me with her unconditional love and taught me tapping and breathing techniques to help me change my "mind". The fact that the Doctor has a very broad spectrum of healing knowledge which is what I find so valuable in working with her. She is loving but straightforward on how you can get better. She was also always very responsive when I needed prescriptions, calling them in for me. I miss working with her so much now that I am in the states. I find her to be a spiritual teacher(non denominational), a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor. Expense is relative to each individual but I did not have the experience of her charging fees that were unreasonable give the depth of her knowledge and her incredibly gentle and loving approach to working with you, PRICELESS in today's world. You can trust this person with yourself.... but remember no one gets well without participating in their cure.

Elizabeth L.04/05/17

“Dr. Christenson is a blessing! I had years of helpful acupuncture and holistic treatment that helped me find the path to wellness, and now Dr. Christenson is helping me advance along that path. She offers comprehensive medical appointments suited to the patient's particular needs. And, she operates using a combination of extensive training and spot-on intuition, always targeting the root of the issue with compassion and understanding. In a world where medicine is dominated by pharmaceutical companies Dr. Christenson is a breath of fresh air, not hesitating to prescribe Western medicine as needed, and also prepared to prescribe herbs and other treatments to really help target and cure the root causes of dis-ease. I have never met a better MD. She accepts many types of insurance, works on weekends which is helpful for busy weekday workers, and operates out of an office that overlooks beautiful mountains, surrounded by the sounds of nature. She is worth every penny that I spend in co-pays - you can't put a price on health! In fact, I refer everyone I know to her because I trust her not only with myself, but also my loved ones as well. She is an honest, fair, and compassionate healer, and I will be forever grateful for her services.

Lauren A.04/05/17

“I would like to express how lucky we are to have been blessed with your presence you've brought us hope for our future with your approach to medicine. My mother is a prime example of your excellence. - - (She) was given a death sentence by her doctors - -. Since she has begun her treatments she has never felt better and the cancer I believe is history. You have also helped my husband Jeffery quit smoking when all the other treatments have failed. - - - We all have so much to learn from you. I would also like to thank you for everything you have done for me, and my daughter Alisha, even though she has not seen you as a patient, the ideas you have given me will surely help to lead her and me to a pathway of better health. Thanks again for helping me to feel 100% better!! We appreciate you for everything you do.

Deb B.04/05/17