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Sun spots and age spots are common among people living in Hawaii. Here at CHI Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, LAc is a leading expert in the removal of age and sun spots and uses the innovative PicoSure and ICON laser treatments. These laser treatments also successfully remove acne scars and tattoos. Call today for a consultation!

by Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, LAc

Skin Revitalization by PicoSure Q & A

What are age spots?

Age spots are brown or black spots on the skin that advance with aging. These spots are very common with more than 3 million new cases every year in the US. Individuals who spend a lot of time in the Hawaiian sun are more prone to have age spots, as well as people with fair skin. Certain people are genetically predisposed to naturally have more age spots, as well. Age spots are most commonly found on the face, hands, and arms. You may see age spots as oversized freckles, or a cluster of age spots that look even larger. While age spots are harmless they are unsightly, which leads patients to want age spot removal services at CHI Medical Center.

How do I know if I have sun spots on my face or body?

Sun spots are characterized by brown spots that appear after you have been out in the sun for a period of time. Commonly sun spots are associated with freckles or age spots. However unlike freckles sun spots stay on your skin, whereas freckles come and go during the seasons. Additionally age spots are associated with aged skin and may be more prominent in certain skin types. Sun spots, on the other hand, occur due to overexposure to UV rays. They appear as either white or dark spots rather than tan or brown age spots. In some individuals sun spots are actually melanoma skin cancer and should be treated immediately by your doctor at the CHI Medical Center.

Can age spots be removed without drugs or surgery?

Yes, we can remove your age spots without surgery or drugs including anesthetics. Age spot removal in Kailua, Hawaii is available via PicoSure and ICON Laser treatments. These are the preferred method for age spot removal for Dr. Christenson as they are all-natural and long-lasting. Using PicoSure or ICON Laser you can have your age spots removed permanently. These procedures will not prevent new age spots from developing, but offer a viable solution for removing age spots of all sizes.

How do PicoSure and ICON Laser remove age and sun spots?

Here at the CHI Medical Center we use the PicoSure and ICON lasers to remove age spots in your doctor’s office. This procedure removes the discoloration of the pigment in your skin effectively using lasers. The lasers feature the latest in technology. The lasers do not use heat to burn away the spots. Instead, they target energy into the discolored skin tissue using gentle pressure. By stimulating the immune response in your skin’s tissue PicoSure and ICON laser also encourage natural healing after the procedure. You are able to see long lasting results in as few as one treatment with PicoSure and ICON lasers.

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