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Acne and Scar Removal Specialist

No one wants to live with acne or the scarring that can follow. From her practice, CHI Medical Center in Kailua, Hawaii, Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, Lac, resolves acne problems with laser treatment to reduce acne and related scarring. People of all ages can benefit from treatment with the innovative ICON™ laser system, provided by Cynosure. Call the office or book an appointment online today to see if laser treatment is appropriate for you.

by Elizabeth Chen Christenson, MD, LAc

Acne and Scar Removal Q & A

What Causes Acne?

Acne is a skin condition characterized by pimples and cysts. It is most common among teenagers due to the hormonal fluctuations of adolescence, but can also occur throughout adulthood. Acne is typically found on the face, back, chest, shoulders, and neck.

Acne develops when the pores become clogged with sebum, which is the oil produced by your skin mixed with dead skin cells. Once a plug has formed in a pore, bacteria is trapped and can lead to infection and inflammation; this is what causes a pimple. Hormones, some medications, or stress can trigger acne or aggravate an existing condition.

How does laser treatment help to clear acne?

The laser energy targets and destroys bacteria that leads to acne. Laser treatment can reduce skin oil so it doesn’t contribute to the development of acne. Laser treatment can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. While results vary between patients, laser therapy can be an effective treatment for acne.

Can I do anything about my acne scars?

Acne can leave scars. If the scars do not fade away on their own or have not responded to topical treatments, laser rejuvenation can help to even out the tone and texture of your skin. Laser treatment provides a deep exfoliation and it stimulates collagen production.
The exfoliation effect can help to reduce any redness and smooth the surface of the skin. Collagen production can decrease the appearance of scar depressions in the skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance. In many cases, results are typically noticeable after one treatment, but for best results three or four treatments are recommended. Results vary from patient to patient.

What happens during laser treatment?

During treatment you lay back on a treatment table comfortably as laser procedures can take up to 25 minutes. Dr. Christenson may apply a topical anesthetic before fitting you with protective goggles. Then, using a hand-held device, she will direct the laser at skin needing treatment. You may experience a warming sensation.

Your skin may appear pink after treatment, but there is no downtime, so you won’t need to take any time off work or school to recover.

After your treatment, you’ll need to take care to avoid the sun and use a broad spectrum sunscreen.

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